Employee Testimonials

Why Heartland Regional?
Here’s what our team says!

“At Heartland Regional, everyone is willing to help each other. I enjoy ordering supplies for the hospital and its clinics to ensure everyone has what they need to deliver quality care to our patients. It’s a very caring environment that I’m happy to be a part of.”

Ronda Langley
Purchasing Manager, Heartland Regional

“Heartland Regional Medical Center is different than anywhere I have ever worked because even though it’s a large hospital, everyone I pass in the hallway is friendly and says hello. You never have to look very far to find a helping hand! The absolute best thing about my job is interacting with and getting to know our patients. I am here because of our patients, and I try to make their appointment as smooth as possible.”

Rick Wade
Receptionist, Heartland Regional

“I look forward to going to work every day. I know when I fix a piece of medical equipment, a patient will get the proper care and treatment for their medical condition during their time of need.”

Nathan Williams
Biomedical Engineering Supervisor, Heartland Regional

“I enjoy collaborating with my co-workers to help patients and their families achieve the best possible patient experience. I have absolutely no doubt that every single member of Team Heartland Regional has the best interests of our patients and the community we serve at heart. After all, most of our patients are our neighbors, friends, and family members.”

Kellie Troxel
Risk Manager/Patient Safety Officer, Heartland Regional

“Heartland Regional is not just a building, it’s a community of people working together. I’m proud to be a part of a team that no matter the problem, works together find a solution.”

Tony Vaughn
Information Systems Technician, Heartland Regional

“Being out in the hospital, delivering supplies to the different departments and being able to interact with everyone always makes me smile. I also enjoy working alongside my co-workers in Materials Management. Each day, I know I play an important role in making sure the hospital has what it needs to care for our patients.”

Teresa Barron
Materials Management Tech, Heartland Regional

“Although I have minimal contact with patients, I know the work we do in the Lab is crucial in helping doctors diagnose and care for our patients. I enjoy coming to work because we have a really great work environment. Whether I need something that is work-related or not, I know I can count on the team to help give me advice and support.”

Lexi Edwards
Chemistry Supervisor, Heartland Regional

“The best part of my job is being able to protect the community by returning COVID results to our patients, staff and community members.”

Tyler Sons
COVID Technician, Heartland Regional

“The people I work with are the best part of my job.”

Valerie Osifcin
Certified Pharmacy Technician, Heartland Regional

“The best part of my job is interacting with patients, both on the phone and in-person. I absolutely love helping people! And, I have THE best co-workers! I love that Heartland feels like family, even though I have not been here long. Everyone has been very helpful, and I feel very blessed to have found such a wonderful work environment.”

Nancee Hearn
Receptionist, Heartland Regional

“As a manager, I help wherever I’m needed in my clinic. One day, I may be working in my office on a budget and at the front desk, checking in patients the next. I love getting to do something new every day and helping my team. We strive to provide our employees with a comfortable atmosphere where they can strive and continue to help us grow as a team.”

LeAnna Stockdale
Clinic Manager, Heartland Regional

“Heartland Regional is committed to providing quality care to our patients. If you are looking for a fun, fast-paced, family-oriented place to work, you will love working at Heartland Regional!”

Alicia George
Certified Medical Assistant, Heartland Regional

“The best part of my job is greeting all our patients, listening to their concerns and offering them the reassurance they need. Being in a hospital or clinic setting can be stressful, so I do my best to ease those worries, lighten the atmosphere and brighten their day.”

Caylee Wilson
Receptionist, Heartland Regional

“At Heartland Regional, we are a family. Our office atmosphere is fun, loving, and helpful. I love being able to make patients and co-workers laugh and helping in any way I can.”

Lisa Laird
Receptionist, Heartland Regional